Hemp is Cannabis and Hemp is not Cannabis.

Hemp is Cannabis and Hemp is not Cannabis.

That is right. Hemp is Cannabis and Hemp is not Cannabis. There is plenty of confusion but I am going to try to get all the confusing aspects of this article written in the first two paragraphs. If you are still confused at the end, then scroll back to the top and reread. Repeat as necessary. If you still do not get it after the tenth time, then head over to spleeff.com and buy yourself the five-pack hemp vape. It will help you relax and forget you ever read this damn article.

Here we go. The Cannabis plant is generally considered to consist of three species. Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. There is also the Cannabis afghanica but everyone seems to want to ignore it. Now here is where it gets weird(er). Apparently, none of the species are actually species but sub species of what is generally considered Cannabis sativa. It gets worse. Turns out that C. sativa should really have been identified as C. indica because it originated in India. C. indica itself should have been identified as C. afghanica because it actually originated in Afghanistan. Not to be left out of this fiasco, C. ruderalis is what people mean when they refer to C. sativa.

Huh? Yeah. Read the above again if you echoed that “huh?”. At the federal level in the United states as of the time of this article, November 3, 2020 Hemp is legal, but Cannabis is not. However, Hemp is Cannabis because it is derived from Cannabis sativa. According to the United States farm bill that legalized hemp as well as several scientific papers, Hemp is distinct from Cannabis if it contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the principal psychoactive constituent. Higher than 0.3%, and it may or may not be called Cannabis, but it is certainly not legal Hemp.

Where does Marijuana fall into all this? This one is simple. Marijuana is also Cannabis just like Hemp, but it refers to any Cannabis that has a high THC content. Generally, THC in Marijuana is between 3% and 20%, sometimes going as high as 30%. But again, in the U.S. anything above 0.3% is technically Marijuana.

How about Hashish? Well this is a cannabis concentrate which comes from the resin of the Cannabis plant. What is generally called Marijuana comes from the bud. Hashish mostly has higher concentrations of THC than Marijuana.

How about Weed? That is a synonym for Marijuana, although if you do not cut your lawn you may become familiar with a totally unrelated kind.

How about that Jamaican word, Ganja? You know, the “the ting dat Peter Tosh a sing abot. Legalize it. Me really like dat tune”. I don’t know how to put it but ummmm, Ganja is actually not a Jamaican word but a Hindi word. It is an alias for marijuana although it is sometimes used as a synonym for Hemp because of its Hindi origin (which itself was really referencing Cannabis not Hemp).

OMG!, Is there anything straightforward?

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If you think that last paragraph is a shameless plug, well, first of all, yes, you are correct. But since you didn’t pay to read this article and you are now equipped to impress all your friends with this new found knowledge, we don’t feel too guilty about it.