About Us

December 20, 2018 was a pivotal day. It was a cold winter day as is normally the case in Washington, DC in December. The weather forecast called for cloudy skies and rain, but the outlook was very bright. Very bright for the hemp industry that is. It was the day the United States Farm Bill legalizing hemp and was signed into law.

Subsequently, many of us hemp lovers were able to crawl out from the shrubs and declare our love for the plant we enjoy so much.

On that day, an informal race began. It was a race to get products on the market and some companies started running without even putting on their shoes. Some put on their shoes, but forgot to tie their shoe laces. The result was that they delivered sub-par products that lacked quality and consistency.

At Spleeff, we took our time developing our processes, quality assurance, and consistency.  We constantly refined our recipe to produce the deliciousness (yeah, that’s a word, we looked it upJ) that is our hemp vapes.

...and then we joined the race. Since then we have been setting the standard for the perfect blend of delectable hemp vapes.